About the appflame foundation

From the start of the full-scale invasion, the appflame team started to help.

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, we created the appflame Volunteer Service to raise funds to provide the team members and their families with everything they need. In addition, we transferred funds to competent assistance funds to purchase items for the Ukrainian Defense Forces that protect the military, allow them to monitor the enemy, detect any threats to the lives of Ukrainian defenders, and provide first aid in the combat zone.

The appflame Volunteer Service was rapidly increasing, and we joined large military projects and started our own. Later, this initiative grew into a big story about the contribution to the country's defense – the appflame foundation. We continue to act, joining forces with everyone who wants to support the Ukrainian Defense Forces.


How we support the Ukrainian Defense Forces

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, we have raised and transferred more than UAH 12 million to competent assistance funds.
Together with our partners, we have implemented an educational project that helps develop the leadership skills of commanders and save Ukrainian lives.
We are helping to purchase tactical medicine, aerial reconnaissance equipment, vehicles, etc., for the Ukrainian military.

“We believe in our victory and strive to bring it closer.

We do everything to ensure our military has everything they need on the battlefield. We believe that the energy of each individual brings victory closer, every blood donation saves lives, and every hot meal restores faith in humanity.” — Oleksandr Pasykov, Founder & CEO of appflame.

Our initiatives

  • The project "Captains" training for the Territorial Defense Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (completed)
    The Ukrainian Armed Forces Territorial Defense Command, jointly with the Come Back Alive Foundation and with the support of IT companies Genesis, SKELAR, Headway, appflame, AMO, Universe, and Quarks.tech have developed the eight-week training for Ukrainian officers for learning military decision-making procedures, studying battle planning procedures and building leadership skills.

    This course was based on the standards of NATO armies and the experience of the russian-Ukrainian war. More than 500 officers completed the training course in 2023.

    In 2024, for implementing this project, we received an award from the DOU Prize in the category of "The most powerful initiative from an IT company that brings victory closer" with other IT companies that participated in the training creation.
  • The Voluntary Service at appflame
    Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, we created the appflame Volunteer Service and provided team members and their families with everything they needed.

    We helped to close requests from competent assistance funds and supported employee volunteers' fundraising initiatives. appflame also provided financial support to all mobilized employees from the first day they decided to serve in the Armed Forces. As part of the Volunteer Service, we created events where we made power banks as a team, made trench candles for the military, and conducted tactical medicine training for employees and their families.

    The appflame Volunteer Service project has been scaled up into the appflame foundation.
  • The project "Zdiymemo rokit"
    appflame also has supported the initiative “Zdiymemo rokit” and provided the 112th separate battalion of the Territorial Defense Forces with equipment for aerial surveillance, fully at our own expense.

    It included 18 drones for aerial surveillance, 108 power batteries, 15 communication devices, 6 antennas for signal amplification, 6 charging stations, 10 tablets, 3 monitors for data display, and 2 laptops. This equipment is now saving the lives of the military.

    We conducted this initiative with The Come Back Alive Foundation and the Ukrainian IT company Genesis.
  • The project "Pride is not available in your region"
    During the full-scale war, the team of one of our products, the largest inclusive LGBTQIA+ dating app Taimi, allied with UKRAINEPRIDE NGO, a pro-patriotic queer movement aimed at the protection and education of Ukrainian cultural self-identification.

    Within the Blackrock initiative "LGBTQ+ Identities in the Face of War" we created the campaign "Pride is not available in your region" to raise funds to support the Ukrainian LGBTQ+ community, who joined the units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, human rights volunteer groups, and all those who courageously overcame the devastating consequences of the russian invasion of Ukraine.

    Together with UKRAINEPRIDE NGO, Taimi has also created a social video project for International Pride Month – "PRIDE IS NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR REGION."

appflame foundation

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Together we are bringing victory closer. Glory to Ukraine.